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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Controversial pictures on Filipino blog get mixed reactions

By Erwin OlivaINQ7.net
Posted date: November 03, 2006

Filipino blogger Bryanboy has angered Filipino Catholic Christians this week after posting a controversial photo in his blog on October 30, 2006.
The photos featured a British man doing a pose in Bryanboy fashion beside a statue of Jesus Christ on a cross.

His post generated mixed reactions on the Internet, including an online petition that labeled the gay Filipino blogger an "antichrist." The petition was addressed to the Catholic Church, and it urged Bryanboy to remove offending pictures on his website.

"He is a disgrace to the Filipino catholic community," the online petition read.
Another popular Filipino blogger Abe Olandres was first to break the news on the online petition in reaction to Bryanboy's latest blog posting.

"I have nothing against Bryanboy and I don't know him personally (though we had some email exchanges before and he occasionally leaves comments on my blog ) but I guess the pictures he posted are kinda offensive to the Catholic Church," Olandres added.

Olandres said this is not the first time he got email from people complaining about Bryanboy and the contents of his blog.

"But it's not my blog nor do I have any control over it. We're on thin ice here," he wrote in his blog.

Another blog, called Political Pinoy, also focused on Bryanboy's latest posting.
"From the readers’ reaction, those who mostly condemned the blog entry are Filipinos and those who couldn't care less are foreigners. If this is about Islam, I wonder if Bryanboy can even strut his stuff out even in their neighborhood. My point is that there should be respect for every religion and culture," the blog read.

Some Filpino bloggers have pointed out, however, that there are far more offensive images and photos of Jesus Christ that had been posted on some blogs by Filipinos.

One reaction to Olandres' blog provided a link to Man Blog, which posted a parody on images of Jesus Christ that have been spreading on the Internet.

Another blog, called Captain's Log, also posted a YouTube video of another parody on Jesus Christ but apparently did not get the same reaction.

A search of "Bryanboy" on Technorati will produce other numerous reactions to the Bryanboy blog and the online petition.

One blogger called "Buwayahman" said that the online petition against Bryanboy was short of curtailing his freedom of speech.

The Baratillo@Cubao blog found this recent controversy amusing.
"All Souls Day has always been associated with the dead and things that go bump in the night. It just seems so appropriate that this bit of news should say boo in the Pinoy blogosphere. The Ghouls and Spooks who authored this petition, last time I looked there were eight who signed, seem to be (a) sipping too much witches' brew, or (b) overdid the dancing naked bit before a full moon, or (c) just in it generate interest. And to a moderate degree it has. Whatever the reason - psychotic, demonic possession, mammon (greed), or just plain 'hobgobliness', it was for all intent and purposes entertainment for Halloween. Anyway that is what I think: A case of on-line trick or treat," the blog read.


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