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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sheer stupidity

Editorial, The Daily Tribune

For someone who once claimed to be intellectually superior to popularly and democratically elected President Joseph Estrada, Gloria Arroyo and her aides are proving to be grossly stupid in misusing government power to unseat democratically elected opposition mayors on clearly baseless grounds.

That Gloria wants to eliminate all opposition to her fraudulent rule was already clearly established when she ordered the suspension of Pasay City Mayor Wenceslao “Peewee” Trinidad, his vice mayor and 10 councilors. And worse, when the Apellate Court ruled for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) in favor of the mayor, Gloria slapped him with another suspension.

But she and her aides were not done yet, since it was Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay who was her target, as she definitely wants him, along with his vice mayor and councilors, out of position before the local polls, to ensure not only widescale Makati cheating by Gloria’s cheats, Inc., but also to get her pet, Lito Lapid, Makati’s premiere post.

She is also after Binay’s scalp because he has made it more difficult for Gloria’s Charter change to move, with the Makati mayor baring all these fraudulent activities of Gloria’s front, the Sigaw ng Bayan-Ulap group, in gathering the claimed Makati signatories.

Talk about ghost employees being charged by Gloria and her goons against Binay, and one sees clearly it is Gloria and her Sigaw that have utilized ghost signatories.

But then again, when it comes to cheating and massive fraud, Gloria and her cheats are tops, as proved during the 2004 polls.

But if Gloria and her aides think that the Filipinos—as well as the foreign community — can’t see through her evil designs, they should have another think coming to them.

Binay is a fighter and he will certainly fight this out, and with the law on his side. But if the judges are once again willing to become Gloria’s prostitutes, whatever force Gloria and her goons employ may be met with Makati-wide protests—and Gloria should take note: Binay does have massive Makati mass support, because all these years, Binay has improved the lives of the poor and impoverished Makati residents. Think about it: Free schooling and free hospitalization, to name a few benefits. And even the benefits given the Makati senior citizens are the envy of other Metro Manila mayors.

The elite in Makati may not be enamored with Binay, but there is grave doubt that they would want him replaced this way, and by a no brainer such as Lito Lapid, who is not even from Makati. And to think that Binay is being ordered suspended by Gloria on the strength of an ex-councilor (who can’t even legitimately win a seat) Bobby Brilliantes’ complaint of ghost employees who have not even been identified!

In other words, on the basis of a complaint by Brilliantes charging Binay with having hired ghost employees, he promptly gets suspended, and in the meantime, the administration goes into an investigation to the charges.

If such is the manner by which a duly elected mayor gets suspended, then anyone can file any trumped-up charge against him and expect him to be suspended. Is this what is called probable cause, or is it all a matter of a prostituted cause that Gloria again wants to force through?
It should be very easy for Gloria and her cheats to get individuals to come up with complaints, which would just as easily be upheld by the prostituted Office of the Ombudsman, known to acquit the guilty because they are allies of Gloria, and cohorts in cheating for her, and known to persecute Gloria’s political foes, such as detained President Estrada and Jojo Binay, by slapping him with graft charges.

It is being said that with the suspension of Binay, which Gloria officials claimed has no political color but which is clearly splashed with political color that screams vindictiveness, there will be a Department of Interior and Local Government officer who will take on the job of the mayor, evidently, to make it easier to plant evidence against Binay during the suspension period.

How utterly stupid they are. Makati is the financial district in the country and will surely get the attention of the foreign community.

If Binay decides to fight it out and stands his ground, instability in Makati will be highlighted, which will impact negatively on Gloria and her administration.

Gloria created this criris and this may well be Gloria’s waterloo.


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